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Get a Good Teeth Cleaning and Whitening Before Your Big Day

If you are getting married this upcoming summer you will want to schedule a consultation with a dentist right away. Many people wait until the last minute to do a bit of at home treatment, then feel disappointed in the results. The truth is, you are going to be smiling a lot on that special […]

Tooth Extractions Aren’t as Scary as They May Seem!

When you hear your dentist start talking about tooth extractions, your first reaction may be to run away. It may sound bad but there is not a lot to worry about if this is a procedure that you have to have done. If you want excellent oral health then an extraction will help you get […]

What You Should Keep in Mind While Looking for a Dentist

Are you looking for a dentist? If you’re in the El Paso area, visit Viscount Dental today! We offer all the best services to make your smile as perfect as you’ve always wanted it! What goes into finding the right dentist? We have a few tips that can help you make the most informed decision. […]

Investing In Teeth Whitening Can Be Beneficial To Your Overall Health

Do you want to invest in your smile and whiten your teeth? Have you considered teeth whitening? Teeth whitening is the number one requested cosmetic dental service today and is becoming more and more popular over time. There are many factors that contribute to yellow teeth. This is why this procedure is so common in […]

Veneers Can Give You The Gorgeous Smile You’ve Always Wanted

Veneers have become increasingly popular over the years. But did you know they have actually been around for quite some time? They have been used mostly used to enhance the smiles of celebrities and actors. The look of these stunning smiles is what makes veneers such a popular option today for many. Today, these types […]

Should I Get a Dental Bridge or an Implant?

Teeth replacements have been around for many, many years. Two modern replacement options are dental bridges and implants. Though they accomplish the same purpose, each of these options is ideal in specific situations. An understanding of each of these tooth replacement options will help you to better understand your dentist’s recommendations. Viscount Dental is ready to […]

Get Your Smile And Confidence Back With Some Simple Dental Crowns

If you have dental issues and think you are alone, think again. Dental issues are very common and majorities of people in the world have to go to the dentist every year to get things fixed and replaced. If you specifically have gaps in your teeth you’d like to fix, dental crowns will be the […]

Why Do I Need a Teeth Cleaning?

Everybody knows that your teeth are an important part of your smile, but that is not all they are for. Teeth are a very important aspect of your overall health. Your teeth have roots that feed directly into your body’s main blood arteries. This means that any sickness or infection in your mouth can spread to […]

Tooth Extractions — There’s Nothing to Fear!

    When you hear about tooth extractions, you may feel the hairs on the back of your next stand on end. Extractors are necessary procedures plenty of people need to be done for their oral health. Tooth extractions are a common practice. A great dentist will be able to extract your tooth quite simply […]

Going to the Dentist Benefits Your Overall Health!

There are some people who do not see the dentist every six months, as recommended. Keeping those regular appointments is important so that you can keep your teeth and gums in tip-top shape. Whether you do not go because you are afraid, can afford it, or because you think their teeth are fine, you still […]

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