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Root Canals

Root canal treatments are a common and often painless dental health treatment. Although popular culture tends to err on the side of hyperbole and dramatization when representing root canal treatment, it’s actually not painful when done correctly. The pain associated with root problems is derived from the root issue itself. The treatment relieves the root problem and thus the pain. If you’re in the El Paso area and your teeth have been causing you pain, it’s time to visit us at Viscount Dental Associates.

Symptoms and Treatment

Root canal treatment takes care of the pain associated with a severely sensitive or infected tooth. Not only is the slightest amount of pressure painful, but the area will often swell and throb with discomfort. At Viscount Dental Associates, we effectively treat root canal issues with our specialized equipment and technology. It is our goal to restore the dental health and function of all our patients.

Root canal issues are easy to avoid if you partake in regular oral hygiene and consistent dental care. Sometimes, however, professional dental treatment will be required. There are some tell-tale signs of root issues. Many people experience difficulty chewing food, engaging in conversation and focusing on other aspects of daily life. Pain and swelling around your tooth are usually the most common signs that an issue is at the root of your tooth. Other symptoms are sensitivity to hot or cold food or liquid, difficulty biting down, or tenderness and swollen gums near the infected area

If any of these symptoms are familiar to you, then it’s time to visit Viscount Dental Associates for root canal treatment. During your procedure, a drill will be used to create a small hole in the tooth that’s suffering from issues. From there, your dental professional will remove the infected soft tissue within the tooth. After extraction, the interior of the tooth will be cleaned and filled with an artificial material. These procedures also save the outer shell of the natural tooth from decay or other issues.

How Root Canal Problems Arise

Understanding what can cause root canal issues is an important in order to know what can be done to avoid future root canal issues. Tooth decay is commonly responsible for many oral health concerns, including root canal issues. This is because tooth decay causes your teeth to become weaker, which can put the root canal at risk. Deep cavities can also be responsible for root issues. Even cracks and splits in the tooth can allow food or bacteria to enter the tooth, and even defective crowns can be responsible for issues. All these causes lower your teeth’s defenses which puts the root canal within your teeth at risk, compromising it and resulting in pain. Even non-visible trauma, such as impact to the tooth that has caused permanent damage to the inner tissue can manifest.

Symptoms vary from mild to severe. In some cases, patients report no symptoms at all. That is why we urge patients to stay current on annual checkups and routine teeth cleanings.