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Teeth Cleaning

What’s in a smile? Apart from helping you look good in photographs, a bright smile—made of pearly whites and healthy gums—can exemplify your overall health. Regular cleanings work beyond the surface of the teeth. There are problematic things—such as plaque and tartar—that build up in the minute spaces between the teeth.

If you have plaque built up between your teeth, your smile can be compromised. Plaque, a common oral health issue, can build up and cause bad breath. If not taken care of in time, plaque can actually cause your gums to bleed. In some cases, plaque and tartar can cause teeth to become loose and eventually fall out. Not to mention, gums can become infected, resulting in the crucial need for gum surgery. This is, however, preventable with regular visits to the dentist. This is just one example of the ways regular dental check-ups can save you from serious health risks and dramatic medical procedures.

Teeth cleaning can rid your teeth of these unhealthy issues, saving your gums from potential health issues. The prospect of having bright, beautiful teeth is possible! Teeth whitening is so much more than cosmetic since the cleaning will also help keep your smile as healthy as can be. Teeth cleaning is just one of the many services we offer at Viscount Dental Associates. Comprehensive dental services are necessary to living a happy and healthy life.

What Happens During a Teeth Cleaning?

During a cleaning, the hygienist will first do a physical exam. He or she will use a small mirror to check around inside your mouth and make sure there are no signs of gingivitis or other complications. Next, the hygienist will clean and polish your teeth with a small painless tool that spins around on the surface of your teeth with a cleaning paste, scrubbing off plaque and buildup that your regular toothbrush can’t remove. The hygienist will also use a tiny pick to remove any debris in areas that are difficult to reach. Next, he or she will floss your teeth! Even if you floss at home, an expert can reach areas that you may not easily have access to when flossing your own teeth. Finally, your hygienist will rinse your mouth thoroughly to remove any excess cleaning paste or debris.