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Tooth Extractions

Tooth extractions are common dental procedures that are necessary for a plethora of reasons. Overcrowding, infection, and trauma are common reasons for tooth extraction. If you’re in the El Paso area and you’re in need of this procedure, visit Viscount Dental Associates. We have the experience and options you’re looking for.

When Tooth Extraction Becomes Necessary

When your teeth have been exposed to diseases, trauma, or overcrowding, your oral health can be greatly affected. In most cases, tooth extractions are the result of tooth decay and gum disease. While preventative dental care helps avoid these issues, sometimes a tooth extraction is the best option for the future of your dental health. Viscount Dental Associates provides patients in El Paso with experienced treatment for tooth extractions and continual dental services. We will prepare you for what to expect and how to best preserve the integrity of your oral health. Overcrowding and infection are major culprits in dental health issues. Here’s how the team at Viscount Dental Associates and extraction can help your mouth stay happy and healthy.


What exactly is overcrowding? Often times, teeth are too big for one’s mouth. This can make the mouth overcrowded and thus cause teeth to shift out of place. One way to avoid this issue is to opt for tooth extraction. If you need braces, some teeth may have to be extracted to allow the rest of your teeth to be put in place. For this reason, tooth extraction is common and sometimes necessary before getting braces. It’s important to note that tooth extraction services aren’t only for adults. Since many young people get braces, extraction can be a necessity to prepare the mouth for orthodontics. The team at Viscount Dental Associates can assist people of all ages with teeth extraction procedures.

To Avoid Infection or If Infection has Gone Too Far

Another common reason for tooth extraction is to either avoid infection or to cease an infection from affecting other teeth or the rest of your mouth. There are some health concerns and issues that can cause the teeth to become loose, which can put your mouth at risk of pain and further issues. In many cases, not removing the teeth can put your mouth at risk of infection. Instead of letting loose teeth make your life difficult, let a dentist extract the teeth that are causing problems.

Common oral health infections, such as root canal issues or tooth decay can put your teeth in jeopardy. If root canal treatment and oral health therapy have not worked, tooth extraction may be your best choice. By removing an infected tooth, you’ll save your other teeth, gums, and overall mouth from further issues.

The Tooth Extraction Process

Extraction involves removing the tooth’s roots from your gums and bone. At times, a damaged tooth cannot be treated with crowns, fillings, or by any other means. When this happens, it is best to have the damaged tooth extracted. During the procedure, your El Paso dental team at Viscount Dental Associates will apply a local anesthetic to the problem area. The dentist will not remove your tooth until your mouth is completely numb. At this time, your dental professional will begin to gently remove the tooth from its place. Following the procedure, your dentist will fully cleanse the area to avoid infection or any further complications. A cotton gauze will be placed over the area and you will be asked to bite down firmly but not too hard. This is to allow the blood from the space to clot. In due time, you’ll be back to enjoying your life as you should. Since all cases are different, your dentist will give you further insight into your dental care.